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Re: Photos of Ukrainian traditional attire

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:49 am
by sofiya
Ukrainian folk clothing of a married couple. Cherkasy region (Central Ukraine), the mid-19th century.
Male outfit consists of an embroidered shirt, linen trousers, a woven belt, a hat, and an outer garment called “svyta”.
Female attire consists of an embroidered shirt, a wide skirt, a fabric belt, a kind of a long vest called “gorset”, many rows of glass-beaded necklace, a bonnet called “ochipok”, and a large kerchief.

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Re: Photos of Ukrainian traditional attire

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:31 am
by sofiya
Traditional wedding clothing of a Ukrainian couple. Zolotonosha district, Cherkasy region (central Ukraine), appr. the mid-19th century.
The man’s attire consists of an embroidered shirt, baggy trousers, a wide fabric belt, leather boots, a sheepskin hat, and an outerwear called “chumarka”.
The woman’s outfit consists of an embroidered shirt, a wrap-around skirt-like garment called “plakhta”, a woven apron called “zapaska”, a woven belt called “kraika”, a vest-like garment called “kersetka”, a jewelry set (many rows of glass-beaded necklace with metal decorations and a “dukach” – silver coin in a pretty setting), and a headdress.
Her headdress is made for a bride; it has several layers. It includes a large wreath made of artificial flowers, yarn balls, glass beads, and gold threads (this wreath isn’t authentic, it is a reconstruction), many various ribbons, a headpiece called “lopatushka” (sort of a headband made from silk ribbons sewn together), and a small silk kerchief tied like a headband.
Ukrainian traditional clothes – especially female – usually were multilayered, and each previous layer should peek from under the next.

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