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Croatian traditional lacemaking

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:53 am
by sofiya
Croatian Pag needlepoint lace. The needlepoint lace of Pag was originally applied on traditional folk costumes – at the front of the female chemise and on the rim of the headgear.

The production of the Pag needlepoint lace requires a small, tightly stuffed semicircular pillow, a needle, and white thread. The pattern, on which small holes trace the contours of the foundation, is fastened to the pillow. A spiderweb is then drawn with the thread to produce the so-called reticulus with loose ends. Each radiating thread is worked with the needle and thread, which results in a firm skeleton. Around these threads, starting from the center, individual patterns are buttonhole stitched in concentric circles.
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