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True stories about your experience of wearing a folk dress

Posted: Thu May 19, 2016 10:32 am
by sofiya
In Ukraine, we keep and honor our traditions, especially the clothing traditions. We still use the traditional embroidered and woven garments in day-to-day life and on special occasions. Most of us have at least one embroidered shirt in our wardrobe, often it’s vintage.
I have a vintage embroidered shirt myself. It was made by my great grandmother more then 100 years ago. Granny was wearing it, then mother, and now I am. I use it sometimes on special occasions like ethnic festivals, Embroidered Clothing Day in Ukraine, Independent Day, and etc. It’s a kind of treasure in my family, our personal heritage. The colors of threads on this shirt used to be red&black (typical for Ukrainian embroidery), but eventually the black color turned to gray. And the fabric is very delicate and fragile now.
On the first photo, you can see me in that vintage embroidered shirt and other embroidered clothing. The skirt isn’t traditional. It is modern but sewn from an old homemade cloth. A vintage strip of cloth with embroidery (also inherited from my great grandmother) is sewn to the bottom of the skirt. The same you can say about the bag.
On the second photo, you can see the close-up view of the same shirt. The patterns are more distinctive here. Grapes, cherries, and some symbols are depicted on the sleeves.
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Ukrainian folk dress is very beautiful and festive when the full set is worn. You can see examples here: Samples of traditional Ukrainian festive clothing of 19-20th century. Best collection of three museums ( ... seums.html) and Vintage male and female Ukrainian clothing (end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century) ( ... ntury.html).

Please, share your true story of wearing the traditional clothing of your country or of any other country.