How to wear a poncho?

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How to wear a poncho?

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How to wear traditional mexican poncho right?
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Re: How to wear a poncho?

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Poncho is a very popular garment in South America. It is a woolen (traditionally, but today there are many variations of materials) blanket with a hole for the head. Some ponchos have hoods to protect the head as well. Poncho is an ideal piece for mountain regions, with their cold nights, stern winds, and unexpected rain or snow. Also, a poncho is very convenient – you don’t have to worry about buttons and things like that. And it is warmer for the arms to keep them close to the body because poncho usually doesn’t have sleeves.
At night, shepherds and travelers in Mexico often use their ponchos as blankets. This garment is a great invention.
To wear a poncho, you just put your head through the opening, adjust the garment on your shoulders, and put the hood on if there is one. That’s it. You’re clothed. Very easy and very comfy.
Rain ponchos (waterproof garments) often have fasteners on both sides of the garment to make the poncho clasp to your body for better protection.
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Re: How to wear a poncho?

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Actually, I didn't know rain ponchos have fasteners on the sides. But it is logical
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Re: How to wear a poncho?

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There are many ways to wear a poncho

1.) If your poncho requires wearing something underneath it, the most common option is to wear it over a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater.

2.) As for the bottom, the easiest way to style a poncho is to wear it with skinny jeans or slim trousers.

3.) For a more contemporary feel, modernize your look by pairing the poncho with leather skinnies.

4.) Pairing a poncho with over-the-knee boots will give your outfit a sexy, modern vibe. Show off some leg and wear it with shorts or even as a dress with thigh-high boots in suede.

5.) If you don't like the poncho's oversized shape and want to accentuate your waist, simply cinch the poncho at the waist with a belt.

6.) If your poncho is long enough and hits below hip, you can wear it with leggings and ankle boots or, for a cozier feel, knee-high socks and riding boots.
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Re: How to wear a poncho?

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Tip 1: Layers - Ponchos are great because they keep you warm and can look ultra chic, however you have to remember that ponchos aren’t sweaters or jackets. They often have openings that let cool air in, some have short sleeves and most are pretty baggy. The number one tip to styling a poncho is to work with layers. Ponchos look great over fitted long or short sleeve t-shirts paired with leggings or jeans.

Tip 2: Mix + Match - If your poncho is a plain color, pair it with a fun shirt underneath. Neutral ponchos look especially great with striped tops. If your poncho covered in a fun pattern, stick to a solid colored shirt underneath. Black, white and gray are always good solid color choices. Another fun way to dress up a poncho look is with fun patterned pants under a solid colored poncho.
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